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It is suggested that each Prosperity Anonymous member join an existing group, and to also participate in an alternate group. The second group could be the creation of the individual where they are the group's leader, or an additional participant in another group that has an opening.

Participating in more than one group helps to maximize your potential exponentially. You are a complex compilation of unique attributes, opportunities and life circumstances. Participating in Prosperity Anonymous mastermind groups can enhance many facets of your life. For instance, you might be an independent businessman who is looking to build your business success, joining a group focusing on individual business enhancement makes sense.

You may also be a youth group leader at your local church, so it would make sense to join together with other individuals who are also involved in youth ministries.

Let's say that you're an outdoorsman, you can easily have greater productivity in your outdoors activities by joining a group of like-minded folks, all sharing their ideas amongst themselves.

Literally, the possibilities are endless.

Each group has its own purpose. The leader initially sets the purpose of the group. As the group develops and matures, the purpose may be refined or redefined to more appropriately represent the group. Each group must be open to growth, development and change as the architecture of each group is built, yet remains fluid.

The leader must also initiate a group's initial procedural progress, i.e., day-of-the-week, time and location of each meeting, meeting format and rules of participation. Keep in mind in the interest of the group's growth and continued success, these procedures must remain open to negotiation.

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While our mission is relatively new, we can use all the help we can get. If you are a masterminding or prosperity anonymous member, please e-mail us. Alternatively, if you have uncovered a valuable online resource that you think would be of value to our users, then let us know, so that we can make it available to other users and visitors.


We will be adding an additional feature for all subscribers that includes a geographically designed business index that will help to promote your business to other members and searchable via the Internet. (Limit one business listing per subscriber.)


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We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to e-mail us and tell us what you would like to see, here on Prosperity Anonymous.

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